Louisa Bufarde­ci & Zon Ito

Muse­um of Con­tem­po­rary Art

This cat­a­logue explores the fourth show in a series of inter­na­tion­al pair­ings at the Muse­um of Con­tem­po­rary Art. The basis of this the pair­ing is to facil­i­tate an Aus­tralian artist to nom­i­nate an inter­na­tion­al artist to exhib­it along­side. Bufarde­ci has a long asso­ci­a­tion with Japan­ese art after liv­ing there for a year and she chose Zon Ito as her part­ner. Bufardeci’s work with­in this exhi­bi­tion is con­sid­ered her most ambi­tious, as her site-spe­cif­ic work cap­tures the audi­ence and com­bats ideas of rep­re­sen­ta­tion. Her play­ful colours and pre­sen­ta­tion are engag­ing, how­ev­er through the use of gov­ern­men­tal and inter­na­tion­al sta­tis­ti­cal infor­ma­tion, she deliv­ers a state­ment about how we live today. As Bufarde­ci explains I want­ed to see how I could use that exact same infor­ma­tion in cre­ative ways. In some respects I was attempt­ing to dis­em­pow­er’ the infor­ma­tion, but at the same time I want­ed to see how rep­re­sent­ing it would change the way it could be interpreted.”