Mike Parr: The Tilt­ed Stage

Detached Cul­tur­al Organ­i­sa­tion and Tas­man­ian Art Gallery, Hobart

2009, Eng­lish
Hard­cov­er, 226 pages, 3124 cm
Pub­lished by Detached Cul­tur­al Organ­i­sa­tion and Tas­man­ian Art Gallery, Hobart
Authors: Mike Parr, Klaus Biesen­bach, Antho­ny Bond, Bill Bleath­man, Craig Judd
Cura­tor: Antho­ny Bond

Pub­lished on the occa­sion of the exhi­bi­tion held at Detached Cul­tur­al Organ­i­sa­tion, and Tas­man­ian Muse­um & Art Gallery, Hobart, 21 Novem­ber 20081 March 2009

This is a unique, lim­it­ed edi­tion pub­li­ca­tion, accom­pa­ny­ing the 2008 exhi­bi­tion The Tilt­ed Stage’ held at Detached and the Tas­man­ian Muse­um & Art Gallery. This cat­a­logue doc­u­ments the exhi­bi­tion, includ­ing the per­for­mance Carte­sian Corpse A Per­for­mance for as Long as Pos­si­ble’, fea­tur­ing Parr’s head pro­trud­ing from a hole in a tilt­ed wood­en stage (co-per­formed by Antho­ny Bond), and also show­ing Parr’s work in oth­er media, from sculp­ture, to graph­ic work, and video art.

The fore­word is writ­ten by Klaus Biesen­bach (Muse­um of Mod­ern Art, New York), and con­tains essays by Antho­ny Bond OAM (Assis­tant Direc­tor and Head Cura­tor Inter­na­tion­al Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Syd­ney), Bill Bleath­man (Direc­tor, Tas­man­ian Muse­um and Art Gallery, Hobart), and Craig Judd (Direc­tor, Wol­lon­gong City Gallery, NSW).