Vivi­enne Shark LeWitt


Born Sale, Vic­to­ria Aus­tralia 1956

Lives and works in Daylesford

Vivi­enne Shark Lewitt is a painter and car­toon­ist whose astute wit and sub­ver­sive humour have under­pinned her dis­cur­sive and alle­gor­i­cal paint­ings which point­ed­ly, and at times poignant­ly, reveal the pecu­liar­i­ty, com­plex­i­ty and absur­di­ty of the human condition.

Draw­ing upon both art his­tor­i­cal and lit­er­ary sources, the artist sub­tly inter­ro­gates past tra­di­tions, quot­ing dif­fer­ent ele­ments in iron­ic com­bi­na­tions which con­front and con­found the view­er with their ambigu­ous and enig­mat­ic narratives.



Available Works

Vivi­enne Shark LeWitt

Mas­sa Pec­ca­ti: The Sev­en Dead­ly Sins, 2010
acrylic on linen
18002465 mm

Vivi­enne Shark LeWitt

The True Leg­end of Lady Godiva, 2004
oil and cray­on on linen
61.556 cm

Vivi­enne Shark LeWitt

For­ti­tude (Notre Dame), 1998
oil on linen
11292 cm

Vivi­enne Shark LeWitt

Torch, 1996
oil on linen
122187 cm

Vivi­enne Shark LeWitt

I sing the sofa (9am), 1995
oil on linen
86137 cm