From Australia Council for the Arts, 9 March 2018

The Australia Council is delighted to announce that Angelica Mesiti and Juliana Engberg have been selected as the artist and curator for Australia’s representation at the 58th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale 2019. Following an open call for expressions of interest, the artistic team were selected by an independent panel of highly respected arts professionals. Angelica Mesiti is one of Australia’s […]

Taking a bat to Marco Fusinato’s sound-struck installation

From The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 March 2018
by Linda Morris

Contemporary artist and experimental “noise musician”, Marco Fusinato, has witnessed some scary audience reactions to his enormous sound installation, Constellations, 2015/2018, which invites visitors to pick up a baseball bat and bash what seems to be a plain white gallery wall. Inside the wall are 16 microphones connected to a concert-size amplifier that send 120 decibels reverberating […]

Candice Breitz: Video storyteller

From Art Guide Australia, 17 January 2018
by Nadiah Abdulrahim

Bob Marley. Sarah Ezzat Mardini. Michael Jackson. José Maria João. Madonna. Mamy Maloba Langa. Alec Baldwin. Shabeena Saveri. Julianne Moore. Luis Nava Molero. Leonard Cohen. Farah Abdi Mohamed. These recognisable and not-so-recognisable names are diverse and disparate, but one thing that brings them together is South African artist Candice Breitz. Born in Johannesburg in 1972, Breitz, […]

Come face to face with Leonard Cohen in ‘I’m Your Man’

From The Upsider, 8 January 2018
by Emma Froggatt

Video artist Candice Breitz’s work is incredibly intimate. Walk into Melbourne’s Anna Schwartz gallery from January 30, 2018 and you’ll enter a space that resembles more of a cinema than a gallery. But what you hear will be 1988 Leonard Cohen album I’m Your Man, sung by his most beloved fans. For the first time in the gallery’s […]

The National Gallery of Victoria, thinking ahead

From The Australian, 19 December 2017
by Matthew Westwood

Excerpt: The NGV Triennial, which opened at the National Gallery of Victoria on Friday, marks the culmination of several years of planning and is a sign of the strategic course the institution is on. Its forerunner was the Melbourne Now exhibition, which opened four years ago and brought together contemporary art, architecture and design in […]

Artists rename NGV Triennial works to protest gallery’s Wilson Security contract

From The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 December 2017
by Hannah Francis

As the National Gallery of Victoria unveiled its first Triennial of contemporary art to the world this week, it spared no expense on celebratory parties and VIP events. But last-minute changes by international artists to some of the key works commissioned for the exhibition left the gallery with egg on its face – or as […]

Video artist Candice Breitz

From The Saturday Paper, 16 December 2017
by Romy Ash

On the eve of the NGV Triennial, artist Candice Breitz turned a work about refugees into a work of protest directed at the gallery’s security contracts. “While I am grateful for the immense support I have received from the NGV,” she announced, “it would be morally remiss, in light of the above knowledge, for me […]

Artists Protest Australian Museum’s Deal with Security Firm that Allegedly Abused Asylum-Seekers

From Hyperallergic, 15 December 2017
by Benjamin Sutton

Candice Breitz retitled one of her pieces “Wilson Must Go” in protest of the National Gallery of Victoria’s contract with Wilson Security, a company shown to have committed human rights abuses at Australian detention centers.   Earlier this week, the South African artist Candice Breitz changed the title of one of her works to protest that the Australian […]

The Conversation Hour: Artist Candice Breitz renames NGV exhibit ‘Wilson Must Go’

From ABC Radio Melbourne, 14 December 2017
by Steve Martin

Steve Martin is filling in for Jon Faine.  His co-host is Dr Helen Szoke, the Chief Executive of Oxfam Australia. Helen was the Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner, and Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner. She recently returned from visiting Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar (Bangladesh, where they have fled from Myanmar). … Their […]

How We Speak

From Frieze, January - February 2018
by Tom Jeffreys

  ANGELICA MESITI’s films explore the myriad ways human communicate   There is more to language than speech and writing, for the artist Angelica Mesiti, communication is always described physically – by a living body or by the form of a mark or the echo of a sound – and it is always reached beyond […]