Jen­ny Watson

23rd April – 30th May 2015
Anna Schwartz Gallery

In July and August of 2014 I had a res­i­den­cy in France. CAMAC is an old château, left to the region by a jazz enthu­si­ast who had had a radio sta­tion there and invit­ed peo­ple like Duke Elling­ton to par­ty after their gigs in Paris.

It’s iso­lat­ed, 200 kilo­me­tres east of Paris, in a small town, Mar­ney-Sur-Seine, with the near­est larg­er town being Nogent.

The château hous­es 8 cre­ative peo­ple at any one time, all from places out­side of France.

My plan was to work with local fab­rics and I was direct­ed to a large ware­house that seemed to have every­thing, from vel­vet fur­nish­ing fab­rics to chif­fon and chintz to old damasks. As I love to work with the atmos­phere” of fab­rics, this place proved to be an Aladdin’s cave.

I also went to the Anvers area of Paris, also full of hab­er­dash­ery stores. Here I sourced cot­tons and organza.

My stu­dio was a love­ly space, with a high ceil­ing, sky­light and my own ancient door open­ing onto a small boathouse on the Seine.

In the last Sun­day of every month the stu­dios were open to the local people.”

Jen­ny Wat­son, 2015


Jen­ny Watson

A Woman on the Edge, 2014
Acrylic, Japan­ese pig­ment, tapes­try and dia­mantes on Bel­gian linen
141.5251.5 cm

Jen­ny Watson

The Pret­ty Face of Domesticity, 2015
Acrylic on French fur­nish­ing fabric
100141 cm

Jen­ny Watson

Griev­ing Mare and Dead Foal, 2014
oil and acrylic on antique French damask primed with rab­bit skin glue
136110 cm

Jen­ny Watson

Lone­ly Ballerina, 2014
Oil and acrylic on French chif­fon primed with rab­bit skin glue, imi­ta­tion Bar­bie doll on shelf
14770 cm

Jen­ny Watson

Three Graces, 2014
acrylic, Japan­ese pigent, tapes­try and dia­mantes on Bel­gian linen
137252.5 cm

Jen­ny Watson

Girl Danc­ing, Paris, 2014
Acrylic and Japan­ese pig­ment on French chif­fon primed with rab­bit skin glue with chif­fon overlay
14594 cm

Jen­ny Watson

Swan, 2014
Acrylic on French self-striped chif­fon primed with rab­bit skin glue with chif­fon overlay
13899 cm

Jen­ny Watson

Trot­ting Horse, 2014
oil and acrylic on tra­di­tion­al rus­tic French stretch linen primed with rab­bit skin glue
69139 cm