Shaun Glad­well
Skaters vs Minimalismo

6th July – 27th August 2017
Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno

Skate­boards vs Min­i­mal­ism is a project where I oper­ate as much as a cura­tor as I do an artist. I bring three of my favourite skate­board­ers into a direct rela­tion­ship with sev­er­al of my favourite artists from the school of min­i­mal­ist sculpture.

The skate­board­ers Jesus Este­ban, Hillary Thomp­son and Rod­ney Mullen come up against the likes of Don­ald Judd, Carl Andre and Tony Smith and Ellsworth Kel­ly. The project looked at the dynam­ic between artists and skate­board­ers, and par­tic­u­lar­ly the forms in which skate­board­ers use. Often the work from the late 60s with­in the school of min­i­mal­ism has a strik­ing resem­blance to objects that are used for skate­board­ing in skateparks. The skatepark objects are usu­al­ly gener­ic, sim­pli­fied and abbre­vi­at­ed forms with­in the urban land­scape, so the skate­board­ers would be very well trained even before get­ting into the project, in which they skate­board on repli­ca min­i­mal­ist artworks.

The project is play­ful in its irrev­er­ent rela­tion­ship to val­ue in art and also seeks to cel­e­brate the val­ue of use over that of exchange or assigned val­ue. The project uses music by Philip Glass as he was the musi­cal equiv­a­lent to the forms in which my favourite skate­board­ers launch into action on the sculp­tures. Again the project is a part of a longer series of works and research, which do not make the dis­tinc­tion between artists and athletes.