Mut­lu Çerkez

1st – 24th May 2003
Anna Schwartz Gallery

Mut­lu Çerkez … makes work that antic­i­pates the works he will make at a future date. The only con­di­tion gov­ern­ing these works is the pos­si­bil­i­ty of their being remade in a new for­mat — the con­tent will remain exact­ly the same. Once this idea is estab­lished, the appar­ent dis­uni­ty of Çerkez’s mate­ri­als (paint­ings, music equip­ment, video, etc.) is rec­on­ciled as a force­ful and coher­ent prac­tice.” Michael Graf, Art­space Visu­al Arts Cen­tre, 2000

Mut­lu Çerkez’s lat­est exhi­bi­tion of new works includes a wall frieze and a series of paint­ings. The wall frieze lists the artist’s name and a series of dates in the future. The works, includ­ing Unti­tled: 14 Novem­ber 2009, will be revis­it­ed in the future, at a time cor­re­spond­ing to the date in the work. This process is evi­dent in the two paint­ings Unti­tled: 11 April 2003, 1988 and Unti­tled : 11 April 2003, 2003. Here we can view Çerkez’ process, where­by he has kept the appoint­ment set for him­self, cre­at­ing a new work reflect­ing on the ear­li­er piece.


Mut­lu Çerkez

Mut­lu Çerkez, 2003
instal­la­tion view, Anna Schwartz Gallery