Candice Breitz Renames Venice Biennale Commission to Protest Mistreatment of Refugees

From Artnet News, 12 December 2017
by Sarah Cascone

When South African artist Candice Breitz‘s work Love Story goes on view at the National Gallery of Victoria this week, it will have a new name: Wilson Must Go. Breitz is rechristening the seven-channel video piece—which features actors Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore recounting the tales of refugees in first person—in protest of the NGV’s current use of the firm Wilson Security, a […]

How We Speak

From Frieze, January - February 2018
by Tom Jeffreys

  ANGELICA MESITI’s films explore the myriad ways human communicate   There is more to language than speech and writing, for the artist Angelica Mesiti, communication is always described physically – by a living body or by the form of a mark or the echo of a sound – and it is always reached beyond […]

Jenny Watson

From Artforum, November 2017
by Toni Ross

Since her first solo show in Melbourne in 1973, Jenny Watson has been one of Australia’s most notable expressionist painters, able to invest images and text with psychobiographical vitality. “Jenny Watson: The Fabric of Fantasy” was the most comprehensive survey of the artist’s work to date, including more than one hundred drawings, prints, and paintings […]

Retrospective of Jenny Watson’s primitive style strikes a chord

From The Age, 10 November 2017
by Kerrie O'Brien

For Jenny Watson, who grew up in sleepy Mont Albert and then the Dandenongs, coming into the city to study art was a gamechanger. It was the 1970s and inner city Melbourne was a hot bed of creativity. The emergence of the music scene in particular was revolutionary, with St Kilda as its epicentre. “There were droves of […]

Conceptual Artist Joseph Kosuth

From The Saturday Paper, 28/10/2017
by Kate Holden

Joseph Kosuth is a big man, a big figure in the art world, a big intellectual. He moves in European art circles, New York society circles. His work gleams on the facades of august institutions. At lectures, he is introduced by serious characters with heavy accents, speaking of Freud, of Wittgenstein. Kosuth wears a beautiful […]

Angela de la Cruz wins The National Plastics Arts Award in Spain

From 20 October 2017
by Brit Es Magazine

Angela de la Cruz wins the prize ‘National Plastic Arts Award, 2017’  in Spain. Yesterday the jury unanimously awarded “the intensity of her work, which explores the complex relationship between the illusionist space of the painting and the physical presence of the sculpture”. This award recognizes artists whose work or activity represents an outstanding or innovative contribution to […]

Joseph Kosuth bathes gallery in signature neon for first Australian survey

From The Art Newspaper, 16 October 2017
by Tim Stone

Exhibition brings high priest of conceptualism to Melbourne International Festival   The first survey in Australia of work by the US artist Joseph Kosuth opened this month at the Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne. The show includes 19 works selected from across Kosuth’s career. Joseph Kosuth was a mere 24 years old when he penned […]

Joseph Kosuth: ‘The artists at the top of the billionaires’ lists are quite derivative’

From The Guardian, 14 October 2017
by Stephanie Convery

Joseph Kosuth was 24 in 1969 when he wrote his seminal essay, Art After Philosophy. It’s a staple of art theory classes everywhere these days, but when I ask him about it, he immediately reminds me how young he was back then. “I threw a lot of things in and maybe not quite as thoughtfully as I […]

Warwick Thornton’s Sweet Country: a tragic investigation of race on Australia’s frontier

From The Conversation, 10 October 2017
by Lucio Crispino

The opening of Warwick Thornton’s Sweet Country (2017) is as prosaic as it is poetic. A battle-scarred billy on a roaring campfire has come to the boil. Into its churning depths an unidentified hand drops a palmful of tea, followed by two more of sugar. Just enough to sweeten its otherwise pungent bitterness. Off-screen, from what feels […]

Joseph Kosuth’s Conceptual Art Exhibition A Short History of My Thought

From ABC Books and Arts, 10 October 2017
by Fiona Gruber

American artist Joseph Kosuth is one of the pioneers of conceptual art, bursting on to the New York art scene in the mid 1960s at the age of 20, with intellectually challenging works that spawned a generation of acolytes and imitators. He works with language, mainly in neon, and mines the worlds of philosophy, literature, […]