Futurist Daniel Crooks

From The Saturday Paper, 2/2/2016
by Kate Holden

In a suburban back garden bursting with nasturtiums, kale, tomatoes and sweet herbs there is a shed. And in that shed there is an artist’s studio. And in that studio there are two desks, two faded red kilims, a tinnie suspended from the ceiling, a couple of bikes, shelves of hardware, four computer monitors propped […]

Artist Emily Floyd and her Icelandic Puffins

From The Saturday Paper, 8/4/2017
by Romy Ash

“They start like this,” the artist Emily Floyd says, holding the wooden body of a puffin in her hand. The body is square, blocky. It still looks like a bit of wood. There are two holes drilled in the bottom, ready for legs. Floyd and I are in her workshop. She is holding a puffin […]

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota plucks the strands of our most distant memories

From Broadsheet, 11/10/16
by Bianca Winataputri

Chiharu Shiota’s Absent Bodies is like an enormous, red web left by what must be an enormous spider. The constellation of thread, like a million veins, envelops Anna Schwartz Gallery, wall to wall. Through the mess of tangled threads you can see, faintly, two chairs. “No one sits there but it is still in existence. […]

Chiharu Shiota : Absent Bodies

From Australian Book Review, 12/10/16
by Andrea Goldsmith

There have been a handful of occasions in my life when I have stood before a work of art intending to look at it, appraise it, only to find myself drawn into it. In some strange way I become part of the work. It is as if my imagination has merged with the imaginative space […]