Su San Cohn elected ‘Honorary Fellow’ to the Australian Academy of the Humanities

From Australian Academy of the Humanities

Su San Cohn has been elected to the Australian Academy of the Humanities as an Honorary Fellow, the highest honour for achievement in the humanities in Australia. “In our 50th anniversary year, I am honoured to welcome the new members of our Fellowship, elected in recognition of their distinguished achievement in the humanities disciplines and their […]

Stephen Bram: Abstract Painting

Geelong Art Gallery 23 November 2019 – 23 February 2020 Stephen Bram began exhibiting his work in the mid-1980s and has achieved a reputation as one of Australia’s most accomplished contemporary artists. He is critically acclaimed for highly refined paintings, large-scale wall drawings, and architectural environments that he has produced and exhibited in galleries around […]

The Eternal Opening: Mike Parr

From Running Dog
by Fiona McGregor

‘I am fascinated by dualisms, mirror images, blindness and invisibility, subject/object reversals, the roles of artist and audience and all my work, since my earliest performances of the 1970s exacerbates such tensions, as the deeper structure of both thought and image.’Mike Parr, (January 1998) Entering the space, you see a large rectangular installation referencing the […]

Announced: Australia’s artistic team for 2021 Venice Biennale

From The Australia Council

As Commissioner for Australia, the Australia Council is pleased to announce Marco Fusinato and Alexie Glass-Kantor have been selected as the artist and curator for Australia’s representation at the 59th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia (Biennale Arte 2021). Fusinato’s exhibition will be presented at the Australian Pavilion within the historic Giardini della […]

Mike Parr: The Eternal Opening

With one gallery exhibited inside another, Australian artist Mike Parr stages The Eternal Opening. In a re-construction of Parr’s minimalist performance LEFT FIELD [for Robert Hunter] (2017), audiences enter a mock-up of the original performance space. Inside the unroofed long rectangular box, performance video documentation plays. We watch as the artist methodically climbs up and […]

Lauren Brincat: Other Tempo

Other Tempo is a live sculpture. A coloured score drapes, dances and reveals an assembly of performance instruments, where sharp notes are highlighted against the skins. The music speaks to history and memory, played until a complete cycle has been heard. This score moves in phases. The music warms up, warms down by dancing. Other Tempo challenges […]

Pacific Undertow, Shaun Gladwell

From Art Asia Pacific
by Grace Huang

Awash in a sea of teal, Shaun Gladwell is captured clutching his surfboard, as his body is constantly pushed, dragged, and rocked by the forces of the ocean in Bondi. Paired with a dissonant soundtrack, the speed and intensity of the activity is heavily wound down through the use of slow motion. This 11-minute film, Pacific […]

Tallawong’s plant library brings northwestern neighbours together

From The Sydney Morning Herald
by Helen Pitt

Growing up in Fairfield, artist Lauren Brincat’s Egyptian grandparents had a backyard vegetable patch, not just to save money but also to help root them in the soil of Sydney suburbia. “It helped make my grandparents feel at home, all the immigrant families in Fairfield had vegetable gardens … and they swapped seeds many had […]

Alive with moving qualities

From The Weekend Australian
by Christopher Allen

Skateboarding is a peculiar subculture. Young boys and girls enjoy playing with skateboards, like any other form of wheeled vehicle, but the full expression of the practice seems to be found in males who are mostly past the flower of youth and often moving into the indefinite frontiers of middle age, especially perilous territory for […]

David Noonan’s Gestures in Time

From Frieze
by Sophie Knezic

The artist’s solo show of tapestries at Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne are invocations of an erstwhile era In his essay on the early 20th-century German historian and writer Max Kommerell, the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben explores the nature of gesture, understanding it as a form of expression closely tied to spoken language. Gestures are […]