Stieg Persson receives Margaret Olley Commendation Award

We would like to congratulate Stieg Persson, who was announced this evening as the recipient of the Margaret Olley Commendation Award for his painting Lido. There were more than 500 entrants this year for the Mosman Art Prizes.

Lido was conceived as a homage to Venice, a contemporary account of an intensely beautiful and melancholic place. With scallop shells, the Christian symbol of the pilgrim, a seagull hovering above patterns derived from the ironworks of the city and the Euros of the new pilgrims, it spoke of a place that many felt was being scavenged. Or at least that was the case a year ago. The playgrounds of the leisured now seem like a distant memory. Our current circumstances now make me think of the work more as an unintended lamentation. The material elements are still exactly the same, it’s the world that has altered the painting’s course.

Established in 1947, the Mosman Art Prize is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious local government art award. It was founded by the artist, architect and arts advocate, Alderman Allan Gamble, at a time when only a small handful of art prizes were in existence in Australia and the community had very little support and few opportunities to exhibit their work.

The 2020 Mosman Art Prize was judged by Alexie Glass-Kantor, Executive Director of Artspace, Sydney.