Joseph Kosuth
An Interpretation of This Title – Waiting for – (Texts for Nothing)

Macmillan Art Publishing

This two-volume publication documents two commissions (for/by) internationally renowned Conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth titled An Interpretation of this Title Nietzsche, Darwin and the Paradox of Content which was created for the Talbot Rice Gallery Library in Ediburgh and Waiting for –(Texts for Nothing) ‘Samuel Beckett, in play which was developed for the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne in the summer of 2010 – 2011. Through the use of his signature medium, neon lighting, Kosuth’s use of text engages with the role of language and its meanings in art, while visually exciting the gallery audiences.

This publication contains texts by Joseph Kosuth, Julian Engberg from the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and Pat Fisher from the Talbot Rice Gallery, as well as significant essays by John Welchman, noted art historian and Ronal Jones, artist critic.