John Nixon: Australian arts industry pays tribute to ‘an inspiring collaborator and mentor’

From The Guardian
by Fiona Gruber

The abstract painter, curator and indefatigable supporter of the industry died earlier this month, leaving behind a pioneering legacy – and his final exhibition

The artist John Nixon was a great sharer. Whether it was an unexpected gift from the tote bag he always seemed to have on his shoulder, the opportunity to collaborate in a new creative venture or the enthusiastic endorsement of an artist’s latest work, Nixon was a man known for his generosity, rigorous intellect and good humour.

Nixon, who died on 18 August aged 70, had been diagnosed with leukaemia last year. His final exhibition, Groups + Pairs 2016-2020, opened at the Anna Schwartz Gallery in Melbourne on 21 March.

It was the day that social distancing rules were imposed throughout Australia to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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