In the Galleries: Five Shows to See in May

From Broadsheet, 7 May 2018
by Will Cox

Black River Running by Jan Nelson

Jan Nelson grew up in the cultural tumult of the 1970s, but this series of hyperreal portraits reflect today’s intersection of politics and pop culture. In garish colours, millennial pre-teen girls express their identities through the clash of capitalism and an awareness of the system’s constraints. One kid poses confidently in a pink outfit and really big sunglasses, gripping her iPhone and copy of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Somewhere between kid and adult, protest and consumerism, these portraits are full of irony, postmodernism and empowerment, all with kawaii cuteness and irresistible, eye-popping colour.

Jan Nelson’s Black River Running is at Anna Schwartz Gallery until May 26.


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