Stieg Persson
Works On Paper

Works On Paper
, 2009
Installation view
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Far from the degree of finish required in my paintings, the works in this exhibition are genuine working drawings and they are made in that spirit. Various motifs, some old, some new, are used as the source .  They are executed rapidly with brush and ink in order to experiment with ideas for paintings.  Many are made and most are discarded.  Of the ones that are kept a few will become the foundation of a painting.  The other survivors enter an odd zone.  They represent what might have been or still could be. Acknowledged as too good to discard they are presently unimaginable as a finished painting. Here lies one of the difficulties common to all artists. Piercing the barriers established in one’s own mind in order to transcend one’s own limitations.  The works on paper exhibited here represent such an attempt.

Stieg Persson, 2009.