Stieg Persson
The Fall

The Fall # 7
, 2004
oil on linen and canvas
20 panels each at 51 x 46 cm. overall 238.5 x 276 cm Click to enlarge

Stieg Persson’s paintings are an intricate puzzle of suggestions and contradictions, belief and dissent, hope and disapproval. They defy summarization, not to be clever, but because things are complicated. He combines the disparate elements of experience and turns them into something irresistibly beautiful. Objectively his work functions as an investigation of history, philosophy and theory, and yet is overwhelmingly intimate. It is a fine balance of the Renaissance and David Lynch, of Death Metal and Milton; it is purity and it is perversion. Fusing abstraction with a collection of flotsam and jetsam, rubbish is rendered in exquisite hyper-real detail, and placed within that great bastion of Modernism, the black square, these bits of forgotten litter create a continuous dialogue between conflicting philosophies. The meaning of Persson’s work and the manner and materials with which it has been made are inextricably linked; each element supports and complements the others, skilfully generating an overall tumbling harmony of meaning.

Lauren Ellis, February 2004