Stephen Bram

Untitled (Two Point Perspective)
, 2004
acrylic on canvas
86.5 x 61 cm Click to enlarge

The various kinds of work I create are part of the same thing; they all refer to a specific spatial situation, but in different contexts. In this sense, I’m not committed to painting – I feel like what I’m doing isn’t even painting anymore. Perhaps I continue to make paintings on canvas because the medium of painting is standard and given and because painting is a relatively simple, one person task. Painting also provides the perfect space for an abstract consideration of ideas.

Most importantly, though, the composition of the work, its identity as a painting and its resemblance to anything else (to architecture, for example) are secondary to its relationship to the two or three dimensionless, immaterial points that I refer to as ‘vanishing points’. The primary significance of this relationship – whichever medium I am working in – can’t be stressed enough.

Stephen Bram in conversation with Sue Cramer, November 2002