Joseph Kosuth
A Short History of My Thought

A Conditioning of Consciousness
, 1988
Blue neon mounted directly on the wall and framed black & white photograph.
250 x 194 cm Click to enlarge

In the 1960s, when his practice as an artist began, Joseph Kosuth was one of the leading pioneers of a movement that would alter the trajectory of modern art. Freeing the form of art from its reliance on the purely visual, his introduction of language into site-specific installations opened up new channels, through which to explore the relationship between ideas and their physical expression with a result that we understand better how meaning is constructed. The rigour and acuity with which he has explored the making of meaning itself has gone on to influence generations to follow. Over the decades, Kosuth has never ceased probing art’s capacity to cut through to the essential questions of existence. This survey of his continuing practice is testament to a legacy that still alters the way we see things today.

“Kosuth’s pairings of high-minded content with common materials have a hypersaturating, destabilizing effect that eliminates hierarchies… a virtual ambush of information through which meaning is eventually, hopefully, distilled.” Anne Prentnieks, Art Forum, 2015

‘A Short History of My Thought’ is presented in association with Melbourne Festival.

Joseph Kosuth

W.F.T. #1 [yellow]
, 2008
Yellow neon mounted directly to the wall
334 x 850 cm