Susan Cohn

Waste Not Want Not: paper #3
, 2008
Paper, 375 white gold, doughnut, silk cord
Dimensions variable Click to enlarge



Born Sydney, Australia 1952

Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia


Susan Cohn is an artist and designer of jewellery and metalwork. She creates her work through Workshop 3000, the studio she founded in 1980. Cohn brings a conceptual approach to her work together with an interest in contemporary culture and technology.

Cohn has a long-standing practice working across the art-craft-design divide. Her research based and collaborative process has included working with mathematicians, aerospace engineers and scientists to channel new technologies into her designs.

Her work was the subject of a major retrospective, ‘Technocraft: The Work of Susan Cohn 1980-2000’, organized by the National Gallery of Australia.





Susan Cohn

Boring, very boring

Susan Cohn

UNcommon moments

Susan Cohn

second thoughts

Susan Cohn

1 protest / 1 object
, Carriageworks

Recent Works

Susan Cohn

Identity Humdrum
, 2017
925 Sterling Silver, card table
49 bracelets, card table: 64 x 73 x 73cm
Edition of 3

Susan Cohn

Boring political c.nts
, 2017
Natural GPPS plastic doughnuts, digital photographs, tracing paper
3.4 x 13.3 cm diameter (each), total height: 432 cm

Susan Cohn

This is so boring
, 2017
Aluminium suggestion box, sound
90.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm

Susan Cohn

Vanilla repeats
, 2017
Aluminium, silver, copper, diamond, string, gold leaf, wood, stainless steel, paint
11 doughnuts, variable dimensions
Edition of 2

Susan Cohn

again and again
, 2017
Moleskin plain journals, fine silver bookmarks, video text projections
Dimensions variable


Susan Cohn

Techno Craft
, 2000
National Gallery of Australia


Susan Cohn: Artists own up to being boring in a brave show of self-deprecation

From The Saturday Age, 18 August 2017
by Ray Edgar. Photography: Joe Armao.

Jeweller Susan Cohn decided to have some fun with her critics. Susan Cohn leans in close, imitating the conspiratorial chatter among critics of her work. “That Susan Cohn makes donuts,” she says in an emphatic stage whisper. “It’s a bit boring.” The successful jewellery designer hears the epithet all the time. Not just directed at […]